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Classic Trousers

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Cropped trousers crafted in crepe with pleats and front pockets, featuring belt loops, back inset pockets, and closure with zipper and internal button.

A piece that redefines the concept of casual sophistication.

Sophisticated crepe for all occasions:

The smooth texture and impeccable drape of crepe make these trousers an elegant choice for various occasions.

Whether at social events or in everyday wear, the refined texture of crepe adds a touch of luxury to your dressing experience.

Cropped silhouette and modern details:

The cropped silhouette adds a contemporary touch to the look, subtly highlighting the ankle in a stylish manner.

The front pleats and pockets not only provide a modern appeal but also offer practicality without compromising aesthetics.

Versatility with elegance:

The versatility of these trousers is underscored by the combination of elegance and comfort.

The back inset pockets and closure with zipper and internal button ensure convenience, while the neutral color palette allows for easy pairing with various pieces in your wardrobe.

Discover the perfect fusion of contemporary style and practicality with the Cropped Crepe Trousers.
Classic Trousers
Classic Trousers
Classic Trousers
Classic Trousers